Sunday, 4 November 2007

Whitby to Runswick Bay

We had a paddle from Whitby to the edge of Runswick Bay as part of the NWSK end of season meet. Caution was the order of the day, with a fairly strong breeze and a rather messy mixture of chop and swell. Our original plan to paddle to Robin Hood's Bay was dropped because we felt that it was better to start out against the weather, making the return easier.
We got on at the marina in Whitby:
and then paddled through the harbour to get to the sea:
We took a break at Sandsend, landing through small but very dumpy surf:
My newly repaired IceFloe looked very nice sitting on the sand in the sunlight:
The paddle off towards Runswick Bay gave some nice views:
Getting back to Whitby:

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