Monday, 5 November 2007

Whitby to Robin Hood's Bay

The Sunday paddle from Whitby to Robin Hood's Bay and back was magnificent; porpoises, an alleged peregrine, seals, a nice little surf at the turnaround and a thorough trashing on a reef break. Sadly, I have no photos because some water got into my camera when I was rinsing it off after the Saturday paddle.

The trashing is just about visible on the GPS track: the line going onto the rocks about 2.5km from Whitby on the return leg. It was slightly expensive (lost paddle, flare and camelback) but most invigorating.
The facilities at the marina in Whitby made things very civilised. There were handy taps for fresh water, reasonably secure parking and nice clean toilets and showers.

We paddled as a group of six, which I believe to be the ideal number for such a trip.

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