Sunday 3 May 2009


An early morning paddle to take advantage of a break in the wind. It was absolutely still at times:Grimstad looks rather nice at 0630 on a Sunday morning:I followed the line of posts out to sea:The sun was partially hidden by the clouds but still very bright:The only greenery to be seen on the outer islands was the weed exposed by the tide:Fevik from the sea:Some of the many birds that I saw:I also had to share the ocean with other boats, but not too many:I was surprisingly close to the lighthouses that lead the way into Arendal:I headed for the big beach to the east of Fevik:There is a very nice "hut" with a fantastic view:The little harbour to the side of the beach has limited access at low tide:The beach is beautiful. I imagine that it gets very busy in the summer but I only saw a couple of other people during my breakfast stop.Eventually I had to leave:My guess is that this is an old pontoon:There was time for a few wildlife shots, playing with the macro on my camera:
I reached Fevik just as the populace started to wake up:As I headed back towards the Hesnes canal and Grimstad, I noticed a building that I assume to be a church: