Sunday, 22 March 2009

Starfish and reflections

After a long night's sleep from about 8:30pm to 6:30am, I got up at dawn:I tidied up my camping spot so that there was no trace of my presence. That's not quite true - there was a bit less litter when I left than when I arrived, with some stuff having been burned and the rest in my boat for disposal in Grimstad.
The site of my tent:My fire was in a pit on the beach:As I left Lillesand, I liked the way that someone was making good use of a gap in the rock:Starfish seem to be plentiful around this area. This one was easy to pick up on my paddle while he carried on eating a small crab:I soon let him go again:Bright sunshine early in the day and little breeze gave good conditions for attempting to capture some of the reflections with my camera:Most of the ice had gone, so I was able to get into Kaldvellfjorden. A bit of ice remained in the NW corner:At Kaldvell itself, the river comes down into the fjord:The road alongside the fjord is my bus route from Grimstad to the airport:

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