Sunday, 22 February 2009

Islands, channels and a frozen canal

My second paddle in Norway involved a bit more distance and a lot more sunshine than the first. Espen and I launched from the same spot in Holvika:We turned right and paddled into the sun towards Lillesand:Espen was dressed for the conditions:We went as far as the "Blind channel" of Bufjorden. Apparently, this channel is so easy to navigate that it can be done blind: We turned into the Reddal canal that leads to the inland lakes of Landvikvannet and Reddalsvannet:
The canal was frozen after only a few hundred metres, so it will have to wait for next time:Even the melting snow was freezing again into icicles:The paddle back took us through lots of small channels between the islands:Many of the islands have small holiday homes on them. Some have lighthouses and the (now disused) dwellings for the lighthouse keepers:Night was starting to fall as we finished our paddle:

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