Sunday, 26 August 2007

Runswick Bay to Whitby

The NWSK trip to Runswick Bay in Yorkshire over the Bank Holiday weekend was organised by Bob Mark:
Some people turned up to the campsite on Friday night but my brother drove Jim and me across early on Saturday morning. Mike had double booked himself for the weekend, arranging to go sea kayaking with me but also to dog-sit for my parents. Efforts to combine the two were only partially successful:
We gave up on the "paddling with dog" idea and Mike plus mutt went for a walk along the cliffs, hoping to meet us later.

The plan for the Saturday was to paddle to Whitby and back. We added a little to the trip at the last minute by going to the next couple of sets of rocks:
We turned in to Whitby harbour:
and found a place for lunch:
On the way back I met Mike on the beach between Whitby and Sandsend. We swapped boat for dog and I went back along the cliffs to Runswick Bay. By running some of the way, I was able to time my arrival to match that of the kayaks.

Fairly strong winds were forecast for the evening, so we showed our determination by abandoning the plans for a night paddle in favour of an evening in the pub.

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